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Homeshare for Financial Freedom

Silvernest makes it easy to find a roommate compatible with your lifestyle and preferences. Match and message with other users to locate an affordable, comfortable place to live (if you're a renter) or meet a renter to offset monthly expenses (if you're a homeowner).
Oregon has an affordable housing problem—but fortunately, there's a solution in Home Share Oregon. After the fires in the last year, the need for affordable housing for people who have lost everything is greater than ever. With Home Share Oregon, Oregon homeowners can use a free, secure program to match with compatible housemates and help another member of their community. Sign up now to open your heart and open your home!
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Life is Sweet. Share It.

Silvernest exists to help compatible homeowners and renters find each other, then provides support all the way through their homesharing journey. The result? Rent savings for the renter and extra income for the homeowner to keep those nest eggs warm. Enjoying life. Creating companionship and community. This is your house. Silvernest just helps put the "us" in it.
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Your Home Sweet Shared Home® Starts Here.
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List A Profile
Enter the preferences for the space that you have or are looking for
Find Your Match
Securely message and agree to homeshare
Prepare to Share
Build your lease and set auto rent payments
Manage the Relationship
Access homesharing guidance
Home Sweet Shared Home®
Homeowners earn $10K/yr and renters save $9K/yr on average
See Who's Out There
Curious about who's on the Silvernest platform in your area? View a sample of your matches now!
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